Jirka's Bookmarks

Programming & Development

git ready >> tagging
Using Automake and Autoconf with C++
SDL Tutorial at Lazy Foo' Productions
Program Arduino on your Raspberry Pi
Vita Nuova: Inferno (Plan 9)
The Amsterdam Compiler Kit
Win32 gtk+ Howto
the pdf toolkit
ISIS Homepage
Globus: Globus Toolkit 2.0 Download Page

Engineering & Physics

Jean Paul Ampuero Dynamics
Range Software :: Finite Element Analysis
ANSYS Tutorials - Modal Analysis of a Cantilever Beam
NTP2 (teplo) - Tomas Krejci
MODIS Atmosphere: Tools
OOFEM finite element code
ChannelFlow CFD Software
Free and Low-Cost CFD Software
Homemade GPS & GLONASS RX - theory
TetGen: A Quality Tetrahedral Mesh Generator
BRL-CAD | Open Source Solid Modeling


Computations in Commutative Algebra
Gnuplot: Fit
Octave - český průvodce programem
Giac/Xcas, a free computer algebra system
Introduction to Yacas: tutorial and examples
Yacas - short introduction
Gaussian Elimination (OpenMP/MPI)
Large banded matrices
algorithm - How to determine a point in a triangle? - Stack Overflow
Totologic: Accurate point in triangle test

General Computing & Manuals

psc - prepare sc files
sc - spreadsheet calculator
Building a Desktop Wikipedia Checker
GPG/PGP Basics
Mosh: the mobile shell
Find a Google Glass and kick it from the network
Screen Tutorial from Lifehacker
Terminal Mixer
PEM's Fvwm
geo-*: Rick Richardson's Linux tools for geocaching
How to debug a C/C++ program with Nemiver debugger
How to Tell What Distro and Version of Linux You Are Running
Docker Containers on the Desktop
HP LaserJet 1200 - error signals
How to Install and Run Android Apps in a Linux OS - Softpedia
ubuntu touch - How can contacts and calendars be synchronised?
Running Ubuntu natively on the Shield Tablet | Nvidia Shield Tablet | XDA Forums
HuePl: A Perl command line controller for the Philips hue lighting system
CDEbian | andarazOroflove.org


SGI Technical Advice and Information...
SGI TPL (IRIX 6.5: Administrative/IA_Resource - Chapter 3. Miser Batch Processing System)
Foetz 6.5 packages (Nekochan.net)
Old SGI Graphics binaries
Psion Stuff - SGI
SGI hardware Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
How to boot Linux on an SGI
IRIX Builds - rfvsite.net
SGI at DMOZ.org
poSoft - Overview (Tcl/IRIX)
IRIX: Home-made Free Software
Die Planeten for IRIX
Tgccware: Pre-compiled software for Irix 6.2 and 5.3
CS 248 1999 Video Game Competition
Known IRIX Versions and IRIX History
IRIX archive by Jan Jaap /pub/irix/
EGD: The Entropy Gathering Daemon
Guide to IRIX Interactive Desktop 6.5
Thumbo thumbnailer for IRIX

Emulation & Retrocomputing

FUNET FTP site (archives)
PCE.js IBM PC/DOS in the Browser
tenox.net : Unix Docs
P11 PDP-11 Emulator at Harti's stuff
Retrocomputing - Trammell Hudson's Projects
fignition - Libby8dev
Googledp11 networking
8086tiny: a tiny PC emulator/virtual machine - Home
Operating System Interface Design Between 1981-2009
The Original World's Cheapest Optical Mousepad
The MGR Window System
Connection Machines - CM-5
PP 01 | AVD systems
Programy na PP 01
Sinclair ZX Spectrum (made in doma)
Cray-Cyber.org (now offline)
The CDC 6600 Architecture
AIX for PS/2
An Historical Timeline of Computer Graphics and Animation
Czechoslovak Home Computers
Argon Family of Computers
Vintage manuals
Dinosaur's Pen
Actual work on vintage Macs is possible | System Folder
Algol 68 Genie - Algol 68 Compiler, Interpreter and Revised Report
CASsette IO Utilities - Readme
Casio FX-700P review
SAPI.CZ - web věnovaný československým osmibitů, zejména počítačům SAPI-1
Previous (NEXT computer emulator)
hawk.ro - Retrocomputing Stories

Soviet Computing

BE'SM-6 | Skupiny Google
Besta 88 - museum
E'lektronika BK001x>>!
BK0010 - dokumentaciya po BK
BK-0010/11 and Terak emulator
BK Emulator for Amiga
Arhiv programm dlya UK-NC, DVK i BK - komp'yuterov
PDP-11: 2.11bsd [vak.ru]
Soviet programmable calculators (MK 85/91)
Programs for MK-85
Mikrokomp'yuter MK-85
Games for Elektronika MK-85
MK-85 Upgrade
PDP-11 Paper tape BASIC
Soft dlya "E'lektronika MK-90"
E'lektronika MPO-10 - Vikipediya
Elektronika MK-90 cartridge programmer
E'lektronika MK-92
Elektronika MK-52 - Details
Elektronika MK-52 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Elektronika MK-52: The MK-61 big brother? discussion
Elektronika MK-61/52
MK-61/52 - Rosetta Code
MK-61 key map
MK-61 Command Reference
Programmy dlya E'KVM E'lektronika MK-52
E'mulyator russkih kal'kulyatov
Calculators 3000 - emulator and simulator of soviet calculators
Calculator Benchmark
Forum Kluba Lyubitelej Kal'kulyatorov -- E'lektronika MK-90
MK-90. - Forum - E'lektronika BK-0010/0011M
Forum Kluba Lyubitelej Kal'kulyatorov -- Kal'kulyator MK-85
EVM M-20: Dmitry Stefankov
Agat Emulator - E'mulyator PE'VM "Agat"

Space and Air

Sirius-7K IDS - OrbiterWiki
Encyclopedia Astronautica


Zaurus SL-C3000 and SL-C3100
DataConv: Data Conversion Tools
ottaky.com : Sharp Zaurus SL-5500
ZStuff (gcc)
Zaurus Cacko feed - Packages list
Zaurus Cacko Feed at katastrophos.net
Zaurus packages > imagemagick
Wiki2Zaurus - Wikipedia for the Zaurus
ELSI : Browse Zaurus-related Projects
FBReader for Sharp Zaurus | Free e-Book Reader
Apogee's Zaurus Software Feed
Ethernet over USB connection between the Sharp Zaurus SL-5000D and a Linux machine
Poliplus Software's Home Page (Zaurus)
p2z - Palm to SHARP Zaurus Linux PDA Conversion Tool
Sharp Zaurus SL-5500 / Applications & Desktop Environments / Arch Linux Forums
Agenda VR3 bookmarks
De Agenda VR3
Agenda VR3: networking
DJ's Agenda Page
TuxMobil: Linux on the Agenda VR3
200lx.net - 200LX parts and systems
HP LX200 Software
200LX D&A Downloadable File Index
how to connect serial devices to the Palmtop HP 200LX
HP 200LX Frequently Asked Questions
Techdot >> Blog Archive >> Arduino a HP 100LX
LXTeX 2e - LaTeX 2e for the HP Palmtop | hermocom
Psion software in OPL
Psion 3 Software
EiC and bzip2 ports to the Psion 5 EPOC32
Sibo Mixed
The Feynman Lectures on Physics
SIBO Programs - OPLZone at ProSoft
Linux on Psion Series 5
Kermit and HP 95LX
Palm Pascal - LinuxEXPRESS
pilot-link(7) - Linux man page
HP OmniGo 100 software
Geos Releases for the OmniGo
Ten ancestors of the netbook o The Register
Psion 3a Emulators


DeSmet C
Interesting DOS programs - Full Index
GnuPlot: scientific plotting program for DOS
SUNET's Index of /pub/simtelnet/msdos
Index MSDOS free mathemtatical software


Quadras, Cubes and G5s | Working with Pre-Intel Macs - A Blog
Six Great Image Viewers for Mac OS Classic | Quadras, Cubes and G5s
G5 Center
Mac06 - POSIX for MacOS
Mac System 7 Today
Mac: Command Line Porting
Classilla: Building a Secure Web Browser for Mac OS 9 and the Classic Macintosh OS
Extended Desktop
NIH Image

Graphics & Visualisation

Gnuplotting . Create terrific scientific plots
ParaView Tutorial CZ
BRL-CAD Home Page
SagCAD - Contents
Digital Universe Atlas | Hayden Planetarium
FIG Format 3.2
GilesBathgate >> Extracting 2D mendel outlines using OpenSCAD
Using Data Explorer to Visualize Data Generated by ANSYS
LV - Homepage
Vrr Project Home Page
Unix scene - demos
Online viewer for PDF, PostScript and Word

Sound & Music

Ceres3 Home Page
Snd - sound editor
Unix and Linux Podcasting Guide

Personal Pages & Blogs & Magazines

Andrew Hazelden's Blog
Sturmflut's blog
stingraze | Linux root's viewpoint of the world around him.
Titox`s Unixverse
Jamie Zawinski's software
Akkana's Software Page
Erco's Homepage: Unix Tools (NixieClock)
Kjetil's Information Center


Tcl - Quick Reference II
SDLTk Homepage (Tk port to SDL)
MkTclApp: A Tool For Mixing C/C++ with Tcl/Tk


TeXonWeb - TeX on-line
LaTeX Posters
KerGIS.com: kerTeX : Take Care of TeX!


Andy Johnson's Battalion
The ACM flight simulator

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